Regardless of some of the things you have read, heard, and seen in the international media, Nigeria remains one of the highly secured countries of the world. In fairness to all visitors, Nigeria has some ‘red zones;’ it is not all gloom as there are places that provide you with the kind of peace and tranquility you won’t find in other places.

While places like Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe have been marked as red zones by some countries like the United States, other regions/states/zones remain peaceful and attractive. Nonetheless, the security situation in cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Benin and the rest can be compared to other popular cities across the world if not better.

For the night crawlers, there are places you should never go on your own without a guide or someone familiar with the environment. While a place like Warri in Delta State is relatively peaceful, it is advisable not to visit without proper precautionary steps.

Please take note that the security situation/tips for the following regions/states may change as times change. However, we shall keep you posted with updates on those areas as you visit.

Security Tips for Tourists Going to the North

Northern Parts

Borno, Yobe and Adamawa are the red zones in the Northern part of the country. Though, there are a few flash points in places like Plateau and Taraba States, these are not enough to discourage tourists from visiting in order to enjoy their favourite festivals and sites. For security reasons, you may want to find out more from the Nigerian Embassy or for more information. The following security tips could be of help before making your tour arrangements:

  • Getting in touch with Nigeria’s embassy officials in your country.
  • Don’t always go out late in the night alone.
  • Always make enquiries from hotel officials before heading out.
  • Lodge in a hotel that has top notch security facilities.

Western Parts

The Western part of the country is one of the safest places for both local and international tourists. Lagos, the nation’s most advanced commercial city is host to series of fun spots like beaches, resort centres, museums, cinemas, and night clubs. Fun lovers can move around the city virtually at any time of the day, but should watch out for places like; Ajegunle in Lagos, Oje in Ibadan, Mushin in Lagos, and a few others. Some of the security tips to help your stay free from danger include:

  • Never drive around areas like Ajegunle and Mushin all alone at night.
  • Never patronize touts at the airport.
  • Always use hotel-approved taxis for your outings.
  • Ensure you lodge in a hotel that has top notch security facilities.
  • Be smart when visiting some popular markets like the computer village.

Eastern Parts

Like the Western parts of the country, the Eastern part of Nigeria is also one of the safest places you can visit. However, you may need to watch out for places like Onitsha, which is notorious for street urchins and other mischievous individuals. Kidnapping remains the major security challenge of the East and that is why you must be security conscious when moving around. Some of the security tips to help you enjoy your visit to the East include the following:

  • Never drive or walk around Onitsha in the night without a guide.
  • Be smart when visiting local markets in Onitsha.
  • Ensure you lodge in a hotel that has advanced security facilities.
  • Never disclose your destination to strangers.

The Niger Delta Areas

Rivers and Akwa Ibom are hosts to a lot of expatriates, and international tourists may not have much problem getting on the ground security information. The region hosts the historic cities of Warri in Delta, Benin in Edo, Calabar in Cross Rivers, and a couple of other cities. Like the Eastern part of the country, visitors should be conscious of kidnapping, which is rampant in the region. Some security tips to make your stay smooth include the following:

  • Never disclose your destination to strangers.
  • Do not be too flamboyant in your lifestyle.
  • Lodge in a hotel that has top notch security facilities.
  • Only use hotel-approved taxis for your movement.