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Terms & Conditions of Use Of Tour2nigeria.com Tourism Site.
We want to say a big thank you for taking time out to visit our tourism site. The following terms and conditions will guide you on how to abide by the rules and use of this website. Should you have any question or wish to contact us for further clarification on any of the following, please do not hesitate to use the Contact Form.
Upon entering, viewing, surfing, reserving or in any other way using the tour2nigeria.com site (hereinafter “the site”) either individually or as a group (individually and as a group, male and female) agree to abide by and obey these conditions of use, including any changes that may be made in them in the future. I (we) hereby agree to abide by the following rules:
1. All materials appearing on the site is protected by copyright unless otherwise stated, and it is forbidden to use any of it without the express permission or authority of the owners of the site. The information on this site is accurate and up-to-date as at the time of putting this together and/or by third parties or agents working on their behalf and with their consent. Tour2nigeria.com does not bear liability for any error or mistake in the content on the site as a result of details so submitted.
2. Users bear their own personal liability for use of the site and we (tour2nigeria.com) are not is not liable for any damage, direct or indirect, accidental, special or causal, economic or otherwise resulting from reliance on the information that appears on the site and/or by using the site or the materials included in it or that are available through it. Use of the site by those entering it relieves tour2nigeria from any liability or damages that may occur.
3. Content, pictures, information, packages and/or any other details presented on the site are the intellectual property of tour2nigeria.com or of third parties who have given permission to use them on the site. Use of these content, pictures, information, packages and/or details by users or their representatives is hereby forbidden unless expressly granted by us (tour2nigeria). Any unauthorized use is a violation of existing Copyright laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as other laws guiding Copyrights internationally.
4. Full copyright and intellectual property rights to the information, creation, content, packages, services and site design, including names and commercial logos, patents and samples, whether copyright or not, commercial secrets, extensive materials that appear on the site, design, logo, colours, background, font, technological information, including but not limited to software, applications, graphic and other batches, computer codes, texts and/or all other material including on the site (hereinafter “the information”) belong only to tour2nigeria.com or to third parties who have granted permission for their use. The information and/or any part of it should not be copied, disseminated, duplicated, presented in public or submitted to a third party, without the express written consent, in advance, of this site.
5. Tour2nigeria.com does not bear liability for any external links appearing on the site for the convenience of the users, and the inclusion of a link on the site does not in any way indicate that we approve of it. Any entry to the linked sites is at the user’s own liability, as tour2nigeria cannot monitor and/or supervise the information and/or services provided and/or advertised by or through others, whether directly or indirectly. The appearance of the links should not be interpreted as an offer to the user, or an expression of support, encouragement, agreement or sponsorship by tour2nigeria for the content and/or services offered by the other sites.
6. Users sending email to the site or requesting information from tour2nigeria.com should not hide their identity by using a false name or the name of someone else’s account. The information provided should be used according to our rules on privacy.
7. Users hereby give their consent and agreement for tour2nigeria.com to supervise their use of the services, by means of computer, and to use this information for monitoring and/or supervising and/or developing and/or maintaining the quality, level and accuracy of the services and/or to fulfil any legal stipulations. Tour2nigeria.com will not reveal the personal information of users to third parties without the prior consent of the users, except for providing details to third parties for collecting monies due to us and submitting details upon legal advice.
8. Users hereby give their consent to tour2nigeria to make use of their details for receiving updates and/or materials and/or advertising and/or marketing information through their email address. Cancelation of this consent shall be made in writing to tour2nigeria.com and will apply to all new publications that have not yet been sent. Users of the site confirm that the privacy policy of tour2nigeria is acceptable to them and that no illegal use of the site, of any sort, will be made in any manner.
9. Users undertake not to send, email or in any other way use or transmit any material whatsoever that contains virus or code software, files or other programs that are intended to disrupt, destroy, limit or interrupt, damage or impair the actual functioning of the site.
10. The laws of Nigeria will apply to the site, use of the site, and conditions of use and contractual ties with tour2nigeria and all matters that are a consequence of them, and any disagreement that arises in regard to anything that was said above will be given solely and exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts in Nigeria only. In any case in which the court rules that it has the appropriate authority and that one of the clauses of these conditions is illegal, users agree that the remaining clauses will remain valid and in force.
11. All conditions of use of the site, whether in singular or plural, male or female, apply to any and all users.