Of course, one of the things a tourist or first time visitor to Nigeria want to know about is the transport system. From the airport to your hotel, it is important to have your itinerary properly worked out. Though, the transport system in Nigeria has a bit of similarity with ones you find in other countries; it is important to do a bit of research in order to make your stay remarkable. Here is a little guide to help you get started.

Rail transport has not actually got to the level where most Nigerians have come to embrace it. As a matter of fact, more than 85% of Nigerians have not heard the experience of moving from one location to another via this means of transportation. However, there have been some significant improvements in the last six years with both state and federal governments pumping money into the sector.

Car, Bus and Motorcycle
Did you know that more Nigerians would rather ride on a bike or get to their destination via a public transport? Motorcycle has become one of the most preferred forms of transportation for Nigerians due to our bad road network and dilapidated roads. It is preferred by Nigerians because it helps them to get around the ever busy and congested roads. To solve this problem, a state like Lagos has introduced what is called the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) to help the masses reach or get to their destination on time. As a foreigner, you must set out on your destination ahead of time if you want to beat the heavy traffic in a city like Lagos for instance.

By Air
Like other countries in the world, you can also travel from one city to another in Nigeria. While some Nigerians see this as luxury, it is about the most convenient way to travel from one major city like Lagos to another like Abuja for instance. All domestic flights within Nigeria are usually fixed in the day time. Within the city, you can also hire a private helicopter to take you to your destination.

By Sea
This may not be as popular as road transport, yet it is one of the most used transport systems in the creeks and other areas that are not accessible by road. It is the most used means of transportation in places like Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Ondo State, Delta State and Edo State among others. You can also enjoy ferry services from one city to another in a state like Lagos where such services have been commercialized.