Wheatbaker Hotel Lagos-State.

Welcome to Wheatbaker Hotel Lagos-State.

An important story of the Jaekel House for me had to do with a Jamaican named Amos Shackleford, often called the ‘bread king of Nigeria,’ who is responsible for bringing bread to the country after quitting his job on the Nigerian Railway in 1921 and embarking on a new venture: bread making.

Amos Stanley Wynter Shackleford built his home here at 4, Lawrence Road in 1950 but never lived here and this same building in present day became the Wheatbaker Hotel in Lagos.

Over 50 year later, the building served as an inspiration to develop the hotel.

Inspired by the story of Mr Amos Stanley Wynter Shackleford they coin the name ..

The Wheatbaker in his honor. So the next time you visit this luxury boutique hotel in Lagos remember the story behind the name.

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