Official opening of Iwalewa Art Gallery Lagos.

Welcome to the Official opening of Iwalewa Art Gallery Lagos.

Lagos has welcomed a new jewel in its crown with the official opening of the Iwalewa Art Gallery. Located at 29th Chris Madueke, Lekki, this contemporary space promises to be a haven for art enthusiasts, artists, and visitors alike.

Iwalewa, meaning “beauty in character” in Yoruba, encapsulates the essence of this gallery. Its sleek design and curated exhibitions showcase the rich tapestry of African art, bridging both traditional and modern aesthetics.

The gallery’s location in the heart of Lekki, a bustling, upscale district of Lagos, adds to its allure. With the city’s continuous growth as a global arts and culture hotspot, Iwalewa is poised to be a significant landmark in the landscape.

We invite everyone to experience the beauty and depth of art at the Iwalewa Art Gallery. It’s more than just a space; it’s a journey through Africa’s artistic legacy.

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