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Exploring Badagry: A Journey Through History.

The Slave Museums of BadagryBadagry, a coastal town in Lagos State, Nigeria, is rich in history and culture. As a significant site during the transatlantic slave trade, it offers profound insights into this dark period through its well-preserved slave museums.…

Intra-Africa travel Visa challenges

Intra-Africa travel Visa challenges. A “borderless”Africa is how we should treat each other as Africans, celebrating our amazing diversity in language, food, design, culture and music. The issues of Intra-Africa travel. At the just concluded Africa CEO Forum, renowned Nigerian…

The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON)

Theme: “Implementing International Best Practices in the Hospitality Industry.” This event served as a platform for stakeholders in the hospitality sector to deliberate on the importance of adhering to global standards to enhance the quality of services and products offered…



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